Come be a part of this unique community where the tenants drive our development. Unlike other communities that have rp rules, we let you rp your SL your way and encourage you to tell us how we can support you.

We are happy to add services, interactive areas and other amenities that help make your SL the best it can be.

  • Price & Prims

  • Mini Parcels = start at 250 prims for L$500/wk.

  • Small Parcels = start at 500 prims for L$1000/wk.

  • Large Parcels = start at 1000 prims for L$2000/wk.

  • Mini Private Islands = start at 500 prims for L$1500/wk.

  • Large Private Islands = 1500 prims for L$3750/wk.

  • With the exception of large private islands, more prims can be added.

  • Prims will be added at your current rate.

  • As long as you live at Gooseberry your rate will never go up.

  • If you leave and come back you may pay a higher price if prices have risen.